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If you are interested in starting a separate Class Action Law Suit against PayPal, this domain name is for you! Using this domain name, we have been able to gather THOUSANDS of participants for our current Class Action Lawsuit against PayPal and eBay!

Because our Class Action is current, and growing, we no longer need this Domain Name to gather or initiate another Class Action case.

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Our Class Action is Still Currently Active as of 1-22-2012


Updated 3-16-2011:

PayPal's Response to our Class Action 

(Click Here )

Has PayPal placed a 21 Day or 180 Day Hold on ALL your funds out of the blue? Did you get the: "Get a Subpoena" reply when you asked why? ( If you were lucky enough to even GET a reply )

This is most likely the reason why you found my site, and I am here to tell you, that PayPal and eBay WILL be held accountable for this!

On May 12th 2010, a Class Action Lawsuit WAS filed against PayPal and its sister company eBay for their acts of Holding YOUR money, without justification, reasonable cause to do such and without any explanation.

You can view the Court Document by clicking Here

Tens of thousands of people have been victimized, financially ruined and or choked out of business due to PayPal's "systematic and arbitrary" freezing of people's money, without cause, reason or explanation.

The reasons for PayPal & eBay to due such, seem to be clear by those whom have fell victim to these 2 companies: Greed and Profits!

Just think of all the INTEREST PayPal earns on victims money over the 180 Days they hold it! We're talking about MULTI-MILLIONS of Dollars, some of which is YOUR money, earning THOUSANDS of dollars DAILY for PayPal, while YOU suffer without!

Then, when ( or if ) they decide to give you back your money after they generate interest off of it, they'll GLADLY keep the interest earned! ( And maybe give themselves a nice FAT raise while they're at it! )

If this infuriates you, as much as it does the rest of us, and you want to be part of the Class Action Lawsuit against these 2 "companies", just contact the Law Firm listed below to have your name added to the Lawsuit. Please mention the "" website, as this is where it all began, and how the Class Action came to life.



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